Gripper testing on soft objects

hello. I’m going to test the gripper with nvidia Issacsim, but I have a question.

  1. Is it possible to implement the concept of the gripper you want and test it?
  2. I wonder if it is possible to test the grip by implementing a very soft and rigid object such as a raw oyster.
  3. Also, if that’s the case, can I know the cost when I buy or use Isaac sim’s program separately?
    4.I would like to be able to test the graphing by implementing the object shown in 55 seconds in the video below?
    NVIDIA Isaac Sim - Powering Robotics Development - YouTube
  1. yes, should be possible
  2. yes, you can use PhysX deformable objects api
  3. Isaac Sim is free for individuals
  4. check Isaac orbit for some out of the box examples with sof bodies: