How can i make the Robot's consistent path in Isaac Sim based on ros2?


I’m trying to drive the robot repeatedly on a consistent path

So At first, i drove a robot using joystick (xbox) and recorded the topic (cmd_vel).
Then I played the ros bag(.db3) to make sure the robot was driving consistenty if i use this topic(cmd_vel). ( i.e whether the robot drive to the same path repeatedly. )

But Like below figure, the robot did not drive to the same path even if i played the same ros bag file.
This figure is the odometry of the robot when i played the ros bag file.

So Next, i followed this link and i sent the goal pose to robot. But this method also made the different path every time even if i send the same file. ( maybe because of amcl algorithm…? )

So my questions are :

  • Why above problems are happen?
  • Is there any way to ensure that the robot continues to drive on the same path in Isaac Sim?

Thank you :)

Hi, Because ROS node running and data can not keep consistency. So it offen happen on ROS Replay