How to adjust HDMI pixel clock

From xavier trm , we know that PLLD/PLLD2/PLLD3/PLLD4, used for the HDMI link and pixel clocks.

Our application is JetPack_4.6.3_Linux_JETSON_XAVIER_NX_TARGETS.

In our application scenario, we need to dynamically fine-tune the pixel clock of the HDMI output for synchronization purposes between different devices. Could you please provide the address of the pixel clock register that can be directly modified? Additionally, I would like to know how to reset the pixel clock output. If direct modification of the pixel clock is not possible, is it feasible to adjust the source clock to achieve fine-tuning? Our main objective is to fine-tune the HDMI pixel clock in order to introduce a phase shift. For example, if the HDMI output is 1080P60 at 148.500MHz, we would like to modify it to 148.520MHz, which would lead to a phase shift over time. Is this achievable?


There is no such support. We only support the default behavior from driver.

The document you are referring to is the TRM which is the hardware capability, our software does not 100% implement everything mentioned from the TRM.

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