How to combine SunStudy with the scene animation

I would like to have an animated clouds from procedural SunStudy skies combined with all the rest of the scene including the camera animation. Is there any way to render a sequence and have sky moving? I tried to animate some parameters of the Sky but all I get is whole HDRI rotating, without any procedural clouds movements.


Hi karol, I’m reaching out to our team about this one to see if this is possible.

At this time, unfortunately, this is not possible. We do however have this feature request in our system and under consideration for a future release.

Hi Karol,
This feature is currently available in “VIEW” under the “Sun Study” Animation Type in Movie Settings. It will render the animated sky with real cloud parameters. However, this specific feature is not currently available in CREATE at this time.

Hi @azoellner, @Richard3D . Thanks!
What I’ve tried as a workaround was to animate the Time of the day parameter directly inside the Sky shader and it worked! :D
This way the clouds are moving together with the Timeline.

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Great to hear!

Hi all! I am really happy with the results using “Cloudy Sky”. The shape of the clouds, the movement seems so realistic, only thing I would like to boost it the resolution of the clouds, sometimes there are visible low res artifacts.

Interestingly, every dynamic sky seems to have different parameters to play with.

Though, I am afraid I celebrated too early. I got some issues with animating the sky parameters. Constanly getting bunch of Console errors. Sometimes the clouds loses all the resolution and become a box after the first frame renders out, even though they are working fine while scrubbing the timeline (I will post a video if it happens again).

Here is what I’ve achieved with them so far.
Another issue I have that at some point the sequence doesn’t render frames anymore and makes an instant copy of the frames remaining, it happened to me before, even without the dynamic sky.

I am sorry there is no sound, I should have make a voice over.

Is there any way to boost the resolution of the vdb? … they are .vbd volumes after all, aren’t they?

p.s I don’t think it is connected to the number of samples / render resolution.

This is how my poor clouds suffer from keyframing… :( - interestingly enough it does not happen while scrubbing the timeline.
Frame no.241

Frame no.242

Could anyone elaborate on this?
I am aware keyframing those parameters are not “official” workflow.
I just wanna know if I can realy on this or I will have to go with a clouds video insterted in post production.

thanks in advance!

Got this fatal error this morning while rendering Sky with animated Time of the day parameter.
Clouds are still in frames that came out, but they are moving inside the viewport.