How to control Clearpath/RidgebackFranka?

I am working on control RidgebackFranka. I followed the tutorials about controlling the robots, but the Ridge in Isaac Sim Assets is controlled with dummy bases
instead of the usual wheel joint and differential controller.
So I am wondering how I can control it in Isaac Sim conveniently with Action Graph or script.
Appreciated if you can help me!

Hi, I also met this problem and don’t know how to control RidgebackFranka move forward instead of rotating in place. Have you found a way to solve this problem?

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Hi, I still have no idea to solve this problem, waiting someone to help. Or are there any relevant tutorials that I can refer to?

Hi, Sorry but I also can’t find any tutorials about this robot. It seems that this robot didn’t has wheels.

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Yeah, but I found that RidgebackUR has wheels. And I guess this robot may be different from those differential drive robots, so we should use other ways to control it.

Hi bro, I’ve given up try to control RidgebackFranka. And I tried another way to create a moving robot arm by myself. Please see the link below. Hope it helps. Good luck~
CreateJoint- no bodies defined at body and body1, joint prim? - Omniverse / Isaac Sim - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Thanks, bro! I’ll have a try.