How to open Omniverse Create in Headless mode without splashscreen

I am trying open create in headless mode without splashscreen , please suggest me the solutions or suggestions

Not sure about headless, but if you want to disable the splash screen, you can add a small code flag to the .bat file that starts the program. Please add “–/exts/omni.kit.splash/enabled=0” to the “omni.create.bat”

so it reads
call “%~dp0kit\kit.exe” “%%~dp0apps/omni.create.kit” %* –/exts/omni.kit.splash/enabled=0
See below how to get there

After updated you suggested changes and tested splash now also visible. Can you please suggest me another any options.

Hmm, It should work fine. Here is a video for the exact same thing in View. Please follow these instructions exactly.Experienced a pretty slow starting up in View app - #16 by Richard_3D