Is it possible to apply DLSS frame generation to movie render queue in Unreal engine?

The point of doing this is that I am trying to assess the quality of DLSS generated frames. I am currently using a video capture card to record a footage from an application running with DLSS frame generation. This doesn’t sound good enough for me because there might be some loss of pixel information with video encoding(and splitting the video into separate frames ), and because that I have to cap the frame rate to match the sampling frequency of the video capture card. That’s why I am think about using movie render queue to directly output the frames generated by DLSS.

Yet I don’t know if it is possible to use movie render queue with DLSS frame generation. I can see there is a supporting plugin but it’s only for DLSS super resolution. I didn’t find any thing about movie render queue in the dlss_g quick start guide, and I tried to add a console variable(r.Streamline.DLSSG.Enable 1) to the movie render queue config but that didn’t work.

So I am just wondering about how to get this thing running, and if there is a better way to acquire DLSS_G generated frames?

Someone can correct me if this info is wrong, but I don’t believe that Frame Generation works with the MRQ. The Movie Render Queue is set up to work closer to an offline rendering engine where frames are rendered for linear content, whereas Frame Generation focuses more on interactive real time applications.

Is there any reason why you want to use DLSS for final frames? Have you tried rendering with just the normal MRQ settings?