Issue with lighting when rendering textures on some meshes

I am noticing an issue with one mesh where the top part of the mesh is not rendering (currently working in Omniverse Create) correctly and is showing as all black. When I try rendering the same mesh in other renderers, it seems to be fine. I have attached an image of how it currently looks. Does anyone know if there is something I need to change on my side or if this is a big with Omniverse?
Screenshot from 2023-10-09 11-08-47

@abhishekjoshinj i am just another user passing by - what renderer is being used in your screenshot? and what should the top part of the mesh look like? is that the only mesh containing texture(s) assets (only asking because the rest of the scene looks to be using the default gray)? if so, whats the material graph look like?

What do you mean by which renderer is being used? I am using Omniverse Create and viewing it there directly. The top of the mesh should be brown in color, similar to the rest of the mesh. It has a bread texture. There are more meshes withe other textures, but those are rendered correctly.

there are few renderers used in default OV apps: RTX-Realtime, RTX-Interactive, Iray, and Storm. so i was merely trying to determine if the issue pertains to a specific renderer.

regarding the mesh, where was it sourced from? could it be that the mesh UV wasn’t set up correctly or got reset. from the look of it, the mesh looks like a…cube?

This issue is present on all the renderers. Also the mesh is a bread shape. The mesh can be found here: It the bread.obj

which version of Composer are you using? I am using 2023.2.0 (beta) and cannot seem to repro the display issue. speaking of which, are you experiencing low VRAM situation? what’s your GPU?


I am using version 2022.3.3. Maybe I can try to upgrade?

doesn’t hurt to try. can always go back if you plan to keep both versions 🙂