Issue with signing in Omniverse Launcher


I’m experiencing an issue when installing the launcher for omniverse. When I enter my username information this won’t log in (even if it tells me that I can continue to work on the application). The installation worked on another computer a few weeks ago, so I don’t understand where this issue is coming from.

Maybe this is related to the recently released update of the launcher. Did someone already get that issue?

Thanks a lot for your help! ;)

Hello nicolas1.carlier,

Thank you for posting, I will bring your issue to the attention of the developers.
Thank you for your patience.

@nicolas1.carlier Can you please navigate to the following location on your machine:
and please attach the file entitled launcher log
I will bring it to the developers for review.


launcher.log (1.8 KB)
Here is the file! Thank you ;)

Thank you for attaching the log file, unfortunately it was unable to provide any information towards what you are experiencing. Can you please follow the below attached steps, at the developers request:

Can you please post what is available in the “Network” tab in your browser,

  1. Open the tab and then refresh the page.
    (To open the tab , please press Ctrl + Shift + I and then select Network.)
    2.There will be an “Export HAR…” button that can save the network activity:
    (Please see screenshot for example)

    Please attach the exported file for review, it will hopefully provide additional information for resolving your issue.
    Thank you!

Thank you very much for the help, but it the launcher is working fine now!