Jetson TX2 not working when supply the power

Hi All,
I have purchased the jetson tx2 3 months before, and it is working.
Now, When I supply the power at that time it will start the sound in the adapter, and the tx2 board not starting.
I did the same scenario with my older tx2 and it is working.
Can anyone help on how to start the tx2?

Use the uart log to tell whether the board is starting or not.

Hi @WayneWWW,
Thanks for the response,

I have checked the link which you have provided, but still, I am not getting the cause of the issue.
For more details, I have created a video for two tx2 with the same power cable.

In one tx2 it is working with no sound, in adapter but in another tx2 it produces the sound and not able to power on the tx2.
Can you please help me to fix this?


Are you able yo dump the log from the working tx2?

I am not sure what kind of “sound” here. If the non working tx2 is not able to dump any log, then it is probably hardware defect.

I have checked that but there are no logs because it even not starting, I think so the problem is with the hardware.
When we attach the power it could not send to the whole circuit.
So can you please guide me through the process for the replacing the hardware or tx2?

Please follow the RMA step.

Sure will have a look.
Thank you for the support.

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