Love Create but so far it's very unstable

I really like what I see but unfortunately Create is very unstable on my machine, I use an RTX 3080Ti card, Win10 64 bits, 128Go Ram, i9 CPU so tons of power and the latest 512.96 Studio drivers, not sure why but if there’s a workaround that would be great :) Seems the last drivers make it even worse so not sure what’s best to use. thanks

Update: seems related to the release version as 2022.1.2 beta works better, I reported this issue

Hello @HansVanEven. What version of Create were you using before 2022.1.2?

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Hello Wendy, thanks for coming back, yes 2022.1.2 beta, for some reason things seem to work better even in release version, I wonder if it’s related to the Iray render as I mostly use the RTX interactive render now, but honestly I really am not sure anymore, it definitely works better using mostly the rtx render, I also reinstalled everything so maybe that helped too. Sorry for confusion on this it’s hard to track down.

Thanks for the update @HansVanEven! Please let us know if Create doesn’t respond as it should. I know the development team has been “laser focused” on stabilizing Create recently (which is why I wanted to make sure this post was updated with version numbers so that I can track it!)

If you do run into an issue, any information you can provide will help immensely! Here are some guidelines for reporting issues: How to Report and Issue in Omniverse

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Sure Wendy, will do already send some log files and will update on this when I run into troubles, thanks