Machinima/Create retargeter crashes with Blender rigs

When I import a custom character into Machinima (2022.3.0b) or Create (2022.3.1), and attempt to retarget the armature, they both crash. I used the Auto-rig Pro plugin (3.67) in the Omniverse Blender branch (3.4.0-usd.103.1) and have shape-keys (generated in Audio2Face) and additional bones for controlling the shape keys.
Running windows 11, i9 processor, 32GB RAM, RTX 4080. Help!

Hello @demonauthor! I will forward this over to the development team. Could you send us your source file? You can attach it here or email it to me at:

@demonauthor Is there any chance we could get the usd or Blender file you are exporting? Are there any logs or other information you can share to help us reproduce the crash and debug?

Hi all!

Here is a link to the USDc and to the blend file.

I have tried other versions of this character, and other characters. Same results all around. Whenever I try to use the retargeter on the character, Machinima (and Create for that matter) crash. I’m not sure where to find log files, but I can send if you tell me what you’re looking for and where I can find it after a crash.

Thanks we’re passing it along to the dev team for debugging the Crash.

Hi there!

We’ve got an internal ticket for the bug (it’s 100% reproducible) – thanks so much for the files!

I broke your file apart and simplified things, and was able to get the export to not crash the Retargeter when the deform bones are parented into a single hierarchy. I’m attaching a file that, while missing all your constraints and so on, seems to work.

Okay, that is sort of helpful. Does this mean I have to strip my rigs down to bare bones to use this for now?

Also, how do you assign/adjust the retargeter aside from the automatic settings.
It shows joints I can’t access (fingers, forearms and lower legs)… and the spine stretches my character so his hips are on the origin and his legs below the floor.

And there’s some scaling issue with his hair… Brows are fine, but hair is…whoa.

These are probably different tickets…but I had to ask.