In design guide i have info about MOD_SLEEP pin active low.
In pinmux excel file i have that hidden with info about SOC_PWR_REQ.
So… My question is something anusual, because i want to use pin MOD_SLEEP to use as
1.8V to connect pull-up for SYS_RESET to enable 3V3 on my carrier board cause SYS_RESET is open colector 1.8V pin. I can see in design guide that MOD_SLEEP is 1.8V in POR, and active low so…
can i use it in that way, to pull up 10K resistor for SYS_RESET?

No, MOD_SLEEP is not a power rail output, it is a output signal with its own pull-up. SYS_RESET has its own pull-up in module, why do you want to add a pull-up for it?

I read in user guide that it is open colector, in pinmux i can see it is ‘z’… so… no schematic in user guide as it is in nano, tx1 or others. I wanted to be sure…
So, thank you for the answer.

It means that it has pull up resistor on the NX module.
OK, thanx.