No access to Jetson TX2

I have started working with a Jetson TX2 on a F1tenth (autonomous cars) which means without the developping board and with an Orbitty board. I have not installed it myself (which mean I do not know the versions of JetPack and L4T) and it is the first time I work with Nvidia tools.

We are know unable to connect to the Jetson because of a pop-up window asking to review and accept a “L4T_End_User_License_Agreement”. I usually get connected to the Jetson via ssh but I can’t, so I assume that the start up procedure is not fully complete when the pop-up window appears. The other problem is that when booting, an error occurs : "Failed to start configure USB flashing port for device mode ". From others topics in this forum, I think that someone upgraded L4T to a version that is not supported by the actual JetPack version in the Jetson (is it possible ?).

Therefore, USB ports are not working and I can’t control the card via ssh. How can I quit this pop-up window without re install everything ? (Please note that I am totally new in working in the field)


No, not possible. I guess the software on it is not compatible with the carrier board you are using.

Under such case, since usb keyboard is dead, ssh is not accessible, uart cannot work either, you can only reflash the board with correct software.

Thank you ! But how can I do that without usb ?

This needs some clarification here

  1. Where your usb fails to work is the kernel part, it has nothing to do with flashing. Take an easy example to understand, there are people breaking their kernel everyday, but they can still flash the board. Unless it is hardware broken, those errors shouldn’t make you fail to flash the board.

  2. We don’t have the software for flashing Orbitty board. You need to contact them to get the BSP they are using.

Oh, it makes sense :) I have just found my answers, the possible bsps for the orbitty board are Jetpack, so I guess someone have upgraded Jetpack to a version which is not supported by the orbitty board.
Thank you again !

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