No way to collapse/convert Paint tool point instancer to mesh for import back to 3dsmax?

Hi Omniverse Team,

I used the Paint tool with assets stored in nucleus, to create the point instancer foliage/greenwall scene below and now I need to import this back into 3dsmax and when I tried opening/import the scene does not load correctly in 3dsmax. I recon the 3dsmax omniverse connector do not know how to interpret the paintool point instancer used. So is there a way to convert/collapse the Paint tool point instancer to something like a collapse mesh/instances so that it can be loaded correctly in 3dsmax ? Thank you.

[in Omniverse]

[in 3dsmax, assets all move to origin 0,0,0]

Having asked the dev team on this, sadly, we do not currently supported collapsing and exporting the Point Instanced meshes out of Create, at this time.

@Richard3D ,

Thanks for the reply, for now I’ll switch to using instance asset for instancing when using paint tool until there is update on this, on my end I tested that switching to the instance Asset instead of point instancing, it is able to import the paint tool assets correctly back to 3dsmax. Just have to create a xform and nest the paint tool under the xform before importing in 3dsmax. Thank you.