Nucleus Update

While I was updating our Nucleus Server from v100.1.6 → v100.1.7 yesterday, most of our files went missing. the only file that I can still se on the server is one created from Isaac Sim on Ubuntu. the files created and added from windows(Create, Unreal, Maya, etc.) has disappeared. while I can still se some of the file structure, the usd/mdl/textures/etc. is gone. I’ll have a look if they are still on the actual disk of the server but I cannot find them through Omniverse.
Is this a known issue or bad practice on my part?

Are you able to log in with an account that is flagged as ADMIN by chance? Just wondering if maybe permissions is making you not able to see files. If you log in with an account flagged as ADMIN then permissions do not apply.

I am logged in as admin already. The only file I can locate is one that I created through Isaac sim from ubuntu. And when I navigate into /Library/* the folders appear in /Projects/ and /Projects/ appear in /Library/. it is all quite confusing. especially since there were no /Projects/ inside /Library/ before I updated the server.

An internal ticket has been created for this issue: OM-37600

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