Orin no response after push power button

HI i am a developer for mobile solution with orin developer kits.

I did some build for Qt works.

After build, i reboot our orin.

here are the symptoms.

  1. push power after plugin or push reset button
  2. DP-display show the boot-up screen with progress bar
  3. There’s no any key response for example escape button, and no power-in with keyboard
  4. Being Black screen and no response
  5. The fan suddenly spins for a moment and then becomes quiet, the led lights up
    → it seems orin go to sleep mode right?

it detect dp-display and show boot-up screen
but there is no response with usb-devices

is there any solution for this??


Hi syh20131292,

No, the fan of devkit would spin quickly at boot up for a while and it is not sleep.

The symptoms you mentioned above looks almost fine.
The only abnormal behavior is about USB device w/o response.
Could you help to try re-plug your keyboard/mouse?

And please also help to provide serial console log for further check.

sadly, after replugin keyboard any device (dongled wireless, wired keyboard both)
any other response wasn’t seen. wired keyboard even light up the num-lock or other signal light.

i think serial console should be regarded.

What did you modify for Qt work?
Could you use USB peripheral devices normally with clean Jetpack 5.0.2 on your devkit?

You could use Micro-USB port on your AGX Orin devkit for serial console log.
NVIDIA Jetson Orin - Serial Console

I just build Qt packages manual.
Now i could check the console log via Gtkterm and i can login terminal.
here is the log.
There are some error and fails, i can not recognize which part is fail for display.
log.txt (25.1 KB)

Jetson UEFI firmware (version r34.1-975eef6 built on 2022-05-16T20:58:45-07:00)

Your logs looks not completely. It stops at UEFI and can not boot up as normal.
Does your serial console log always stop at UEFI?

Could you help to flash clean Jetpack5.0.2 through either SDKM or flash script to check if it could boot up?

here is the full log

i want flash clean Jetpack but the SDKM can’t detect board via C-type

log_raw (87.8 KB)

There’s an error about display.

'DISPLAY' environment variable not set... skipping surface info

Could you see any display output when you capture this log?

Please also help to run the following command to check if it could help

$ export DISPLAY=:0

And I found your rootfs is full, not sure if it could cause any errors.

/dev/mmcblk0p1   57G   56G     0 100% /

I would suggest you to re-flash the devkit.
Please try entering force recovery mode first and flash with manual setup in SDKM.
Could you enter force recovery mode with the following steps?
Jetson AGX Orin can't turn into force recovery mode - #5 by WayneWWW
You could check with lsusb command on your host PC.
To Determine Whether the Developer Kit Is in Force Recovery Mode

Are you using Ubuntu18.04 as your host PC?

Yes i am using Ubuntu 18.04.

There is no any other display(DP port monitor display) output, after boot logo.

$ export DISPLAY=:0

doesn’t work. should it add to .bashrc?

here is my lsusb state

i plug in via micro-usb for GtkTerm

From your screenshot, it looks like only Micro-USB detected on your host PC.

You should see “ID 0955:7223 NVidia Corp.” for TypeC-USB port (which is used to flash the board) when you are in Force Recovery Mode.

Please refer to this instruction to enter force recovery mode first.
You could try changing another USB-C cable or USB port of your host PC.

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Thank you, i did flesh on new ssd NVMe via USB-C with SDKM.
I think the free space was a problem.
Now the display is shown.

Thank you.

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