Recording Human Simulation Animation (omni.anim.people)

Hello everybody,

what I am trying to to do:
I use the human simulation method (navmesh, human behaviour script and given animation graph) to animate/simulate human walk on a given area. I want to record this animation so that I can playback the movement. For this I used omni.animation.recorder.

what is not working:
When recording I get always an empty XForm instead of a skelanimation as recorded file.

I also tried using omniPVD which was not working correct for said method. The result when adding rigid body to the human so it has physics attached was a human which moves along the path but only in T-Pose

Does anyone has an idea how I can make this work? Thanks in advance.

Hi @mr_thomas_bernhard We have a new more robust “Stage Recorder” coming from the animation team that ships with create 2023.1… coming soon. This old recorder extension was not created or maintained by the animation team so I am unsure of it’s current status. I will try to find out more.

One thing you can try in the mean time - In preferences under visual scripting-check the setting “Update to USD”. This sets the runtime animation component to update the values on the skeleton so they can be captured. This is required - but it may or may not solve the problem with this older extension.

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Hi @RonanDB Thanks a lot for your answer. Perfect, than I am looking forward for the Stage Recorder!

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