Sudden Power Loss Requirement

Dear NVidia Team

In the Design Guide of the Jetson Nano, Figure 5-5, it is written that SHUTDONW_REQ* must always be serviced by the carrier board, even in cases of sudden power loss. However, in the schematic of the Jetson Nano, there is nothing servicing this SHUTDOWN_REQ* signal from the carrier board to the Module like a voltage supervisor or similar. Do we understand something wrong or how is this requirement met?
We use the Power ON/OFF Logic also for a Xavier NX Design. There the DevKit has an additional DC Jack Unplug circuit and an optional voltage supervisor.
So we would like to know what is necessary to prevent problems with sudden power loss for a design with a Jetson Nano or a Jetson XavierNX.
Thank you for your help.

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SHUTDOWN_REQ* is Force_off* on board which is connected to power_en through a power logic part as you can see in Power ON/OFF Logic page in P3449 schematic.

Hi Trumany

Thank you. We saw that it is the FORCE_OFF* Signal on the Devkit, but this signal is also not served by the carrier board as it is only connected to the Power ON/OFF Logic. Nothing pulls FORCE_OFF* down in case of sudden power loss like in the Xavier NX DevKit. How does it work?

There is a shutdown latch circuit design in module for this. Sudden power loss on VDD_IN will trigger force_off*.