Time Synchronization | NVIDIA Docs

The link above describes various time synchronization functionality which is supported in an AVNU and AUTOSAR profile. It also describes Development and Production use cases.

What determines which profile and/or use case the Orin is configured to use. Why is a lot of time sync functionality supported by AVNU/Development not supported by AUTOSAR/Production?

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I’m checking this with our team and will get back to you.

It has been a couple weeks. Any updates? Thank you.

Both AUTOSAR TSync PTP and AVNU CDS PTP are supported for development purposes only and must not be used for production. For production, customers are responsible for obtaining their own licenses for the Vector SIP package, as NVIDIA does not provide them.

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I understand AUTOSAR is expected to be used on the FSI and Aurix. Are you suggesting we should run AUTOSAR software supplied by Vector on the Orin CCPLEX?

Could you please provide more context or clarify your concern regarding running AUTOSAR software supplied by Vector on the Orin CCPLEX?

If the CCPLEX is running Linux or QNX then we would not be able to run AUTOSAR Classic. We might be able to run AUTOSAR Adaptive. I would like to know if you recommend using AUTOSAR on the CCPLEX to get AUTOSAR functionality like time sync, UDS, SOME/IP, etc…

Currently, the MCU runs a classic AUTOSAR software stack with different software components (SWCs) realizing different platform features.