Unboxing experience

Just wanted to drop a quick positive note around my personal unbox/setup experience. Having labored through many… many… new dev kits from random arm boards for hobbyist endeavors to dev boards for new projects at work. The nano was mind blowing. Dropped the baked image onto an sd card, slapped on a jumper to use the barrel for power, turned it on and much to my surprise. It worked! Loaded up chromium for a laugh and pointed it at youtube and not only got video/audio but it was watchable.

Thank you for going above and beyond to provide a great out of the box experience on this $99 board. Looking forward to hacking on this board over the coming months.

Hi eousphoros - thanks for your feedback, glad you enjoyed it. Let us know how it goes in the future!

one note: I wish the board was secure in the box… mine fell on my desk (no damage) when I pulled the green cover apart …

Does it comes with the jumper that needed to change the power source?

Hi ???, you would need to provide a standard 2.54mm jumper, please see this post: