UV-Maps from Blender not carried over

Hi, I’m trying to export this simple scene from Blender:

exported like this:

Comes out in create like this:

Obviously, the UVs seem to be set to the default and my object specific maps are not respected.

I’m using Windows 11, Create 2022.3.3-RC14, Blender 3.6.0 Alpha.

Help is much appreciated.

Hello @vanthome! I’ve notified the dev team about this! They should reply for further assistance!

Hello @vanthome. Thanks for reporting this. Would you be able to able to provide this blend file for us to debug the issue? Please feel free to direct-message me to share the file, if you prefer.

many thanks @WendyGram @makowalski , please d/l the Blender file from here:

I hope it’s self contained, if not, please let me know.

Thank you for the file, @vanthome! I was able to reproduce the issue and will investigate.

Hi @vanthome. I believe the issue is in the model itself. There are two overlapping copies of each board, with different UVs. The UVs are exported correctly, but it just so happens that Composer is choosing to render the polygons in a different order than they appear in Blender. If I separate the duplicates of the boards in space, one can see that Composer in fact renders the textures for each copy the same as in Blender. I’m attaching the resulting renders in Composer and Blender.

@makowalski OMG, you are rigth. I’m sorry that I have wasted your time.

@vanthome No worries at all! I’m glad you reported the issue so we could look into it. We’d rather you over-report than under-report any potential problems. :)

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