What's the difference between Create and Machinima?

Hi, Really loving what you can do with Omniverse! But I am a little confused as to what is the difference between Create and Machinima. Are they two different applications that do two different things or do they work together?

Thanks Winton

I am Omniverse Embassador, Machinima specialist Pekka Varis.

Machinima is for animating / sequencing stories. Editing movies. That´s what the term Machinima originally means too; making movies with a “game engine”.

Soon Nvidia releases at spring 2022 a new motion capture solution, and then Machinima gets some fresh media coverage again :) The current motion capture solution Wnrch has been acquired.


Ok cool but what is the purpose of ‘Create?’ Is it for making environments to go with Machinima?

You can say so :) - if rendering animations is your thing.
Create is a bit faster to use right now but they shall make them both as fast in future updates for sure.

Omniverse is mostly about simulation and collaboration. Check this out:

Ok, now I kind of get it what the difference is. I’m in the middle of researching the right platform for my animation series. It will consist of animated and talking characters, mid to large range environments (like city blocks, interiors) car chasing scenes and special effects in a cinematic presentation. And I needed the best quality graphics I can get. So, I’m guessing Machinima would be my pick. Because I do love the Audio2face too.
This is what I have been working on, you can see it on my Youtube Channel. So you can see what I am after. :)
La Femme Criminelle - YouTube
It’s a crime caper series.

Wow dude! You sure have a vision here!! Good framing, nice overall lights…
But you can do a lot better with Omniverse :)

Let me share some tutorials about machinima for you as DM ( they are going to be released on Nvidia Official channels too soon :)

Then also check out this - quite fresh character renders I have made with Character Creator and Omniverse:

Thank you! :) Yeah it came up ok. The rendering was done in Daz Studio.
Love your renders! They came up really well!

Wow, man! You’ve got a great sense of what’s going on here!! Nice overall lighting, good frame. But with Omniverse, you can do a lot better. Thanks for sharing. :) It was really informative.

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