Which api is used to get force sensor values in version 2022.2.1?

I’m using isaac sim version 2022.2.1 and want to read out the load sensor reading via Python api after adding the force sensor at the end of the robotic arm, but according to this document,in 2022.2.1 version,ArticulationView dosen’t have “get_measured_joint_forces()” attribute. If I don’t want to switch to a different version, how do I get force sensor value?

Based on my experience, It’s not recommended to read force data in the 2022 version because there are bugs

Thanks for the answer. Could you tell me if there is a problem with the force sensor itself in version 22? I have implemented the reading in python by getting the api for the UI parameter, but don’t really know if the force is problematic in terms of physics.

It does seem to be the case that even just changing the position of the object, with the external force remaining exactly the same, changes the force sensor reading.