Encountering issues after Flash completion of the Xavier AGX. The issue is that during installation there is a hang-up in determining the IP address of the target (mssg is "Determining IP address of the target...") and then reveals no connection to port 22 of the IP.

Please assist in how to overcome this connection hang-up after Flash completion.

*NOTE: - The current configuration is: PC Host is connected to router via ethernet, Xavier is connected to router via ethernet, Xavier is connected to PC via USB, Xavier is set to recovery mode (recovery button held when power button is pressed and then power button is released). - Not using VM - Within the terminal, “ifconfig” does reveal connection “enp4s0 Link encap:Ethernet.” During this time, there is also no display via HDMI on my monitor coming from the Xavier module.

Using the following software/hardware:
Hardware Platform: AGX Xavier™ Developer Kit
Software Version: JetPack 4.1
Host Machine Version: [Example: native Ubuntu 16.04]

Hi @machinelearn3,
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Hi machinelearn3,

After flash completed, are you finish the first boot init process setup?
Please connect HDMI monitor and make sure you are boot to Desktop GUI and using “ifconfig” command to check IP address. Then you can use device IP adress ( to start install sdk components.