a problem about SDKmanager

I am going to flash my drive PX2, and I downloaded the latest SDKmanager and installed following the PDF saying. But the sdkmanager cannot run. When I do “sdkmanager” in a terminal,nothing happened.

what happened to me?
How to solve this?

Hi pengxiaoyu,

Can you please explain more on how you start sdkmanager? Please let me know which of the following is your case.

  1. Are you using "ssh -X " command to remote connect to a Ubuntu 16.04 host machine, on which you’ve installed SDK Manager, then open sdkmanager in terminal window?
  2. Or you installed SDK Manager on a Ubuntu 16.04 host machine, and started SDK Manager on the same local machine?

Please also let me know

  1. How you started SDK manager?
  2. And provide the logs in ~/.nvsdkm/ directory.


Hi kayccc,

I am sorry about the missing about the problem,I strat with the second approch,and I started on the local machine and with a terminal with “sdkmanager”,but it seems that nothing was done and there are not ~/.nvsdkm directory


Dear pengxiaoyu,

Could you let me know how to install sdkmanager and if you install sdkmanager with below command?
$sudo apt install ./sdkmanager_0.9.12-4180_amd64.deb