AGX Orin not recognized in any way of connecting it

Hi, I am fairly new to this field and just received my AGX Orin board. I followed the instructions and started the configuration. I finished the update version step and nothing happened. From my knowledge of raspberry pi’s, it typically shows progress of packages and dependencies. So, I started over and got to the update step again. Nothing happened, so I ran Sudo Reboot. Since then, I have not been able to connect or detect the board, not even through the display port. I’m not sure if I’m in recovery mode or not. I’m really in need of some help here.

Try to dump the log from micro usb port with below method.

Please be aware that I am talking about micro usb port. Not type C.

I followed those steps, but when i load into minicom, no output shows up. It just has the start window for the program. I even followed the inner link.

Please open the minicom in the beginning and then power on the board.

Do not power on the board and then open minicom. If the boot process already got stuck before you open minicom, then you won’t be able to see any log.

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Micro usb port. Not type C port.

Try to attach the full log as a text file.

BTW, what you shared is not a full log.

Orin Log (33.0 KB)

This is still not the full log. Full log starts in the moment you power on the board.

Okay, well I’m having an issue then. I have Ubuntu 20.04 setup on a virtual machine on my windows laptop. When I plug in the board, I have to click on devices and select the nvidia connection. Minicom then initializes and starts there. I physically cannot figure out how to have minicom running without the board connected prior because it is based on /dev/ttyACM0 which is a serial port for the board. What am I missing or doing wrong? Did i use the wrong port to setup?

I already told this twice. Micro usb port. Not type C port.

Are you able to understand this or not? Shall I attach the pictures of these two kinds of usb ports here?

The expected behavior is /dev/ttACM0 will come out once you connect to the port.

Even when Orin is not powered on.

I’m using the micro usb port…? The port on the right side of the back of the board. Yes, I understand the difference between usb-c and micro usb.

Ok, then I don’t get why you cannot do it. Not sure if this is some specific VM rule.

Anyway, please dump log again. Make sure each line is not truncated. Your previous log is not full log and each line got truncated too…

Okay, that is the raw log from minicom. I did not format it in anyway, but I’ll get back to you once I figure out this port issues as we are not going to be able to move forward otherwise it seems.

No, It is not the raw log. Put your minicom to full screen and dump again…

The “truncated” here means below… you can see that each line just get cut in the middle with same length limitation…

Orin Log (50.8 KB)
Is this the full log now?

Just wonder, what is the earliest log you can see from that log? UEFI? Are you able to see any log prior to it or it will just give you blank?

Anyway, are you trying to boot from external drive or something else? I saw the emmc seems have broken file system.

Well, there was a large gap between these two sections. maybe the new first section is what you want. I am only using the stock board. Nothing connected except micro usb.
Orin Log(1) (76.2 KB)

Oh good. Finally it is the full log. Let me check it.