Conveyor Belt Extension: velocity applied to rigid body

Dear all,

first of all, I want to thank the NVIDIA developers for bringing up the conveyor belt extension, which is really beneficial for the research I’m working on.

Currently, what the conveyor node does is, apply a constant velocity to the rigid body in a specified direction. However, this is a really strong simplification of the physics of an actual conveyor belt.

Actually, the velocity should be tangential to the belt’s shape. If you take e.g. a look at this conveyor image:

The velocity at the bottom is in the opposite direction compared to the velocity on top, since the belt is moving in a circle. For me, it would be important to simulate the edge curvature of the belt accurately to be able to determine, if an object can be transferred to the belt or not.

Does anyone has an idea if it is possible to add the velocity tangential to the rigid body? If this is not a case, I only see the option to discretize the belt mesh into multiple small elements, which I then have to apply the conveyor belt node to each mesh part.

Maybe someone has another idea on this topic

Best regards