Custom mobile base navigation failure in IsaacSim 2022.1.1

I am trying to navigate a custom mobile base using move base in the IsaacSim 2022.1.1. For that, I have replicated the “carter warehouse navigation” sample USD in the IsaacSim. The “carter warehouse navigation” example given runs successfully, however, when I use the same action graphs for my custom 4-wheeler mobile base then, only 2 wheels are able to rotate and mobile base doesn’t move.

Everything executes properly including Map server, Rviz, camera, etc., except the 2 wheels. I have changes the “make array” compute node in the action graph from “2” to “4” that connects to “Joint Names” of the articulation controller node (as here there are 4 wheels). However, still the mobile base is not able to move.

Also, when I run the simulation there is an error message on top of the articulation controller -

Warning: OmniGraph Warning: shape mismatch: value array of shape (1, 2) could not be broadcast to indexing result of shape (1, 4) (from compute() at line 110 in /home/user/.local/share/ov/pkg/isaac_sim-2022.1.1/exts/omni.isaac.core_nodes/omni/isaac/core_nodes/ogn/nodes/ articulation controller

Please help me with this persistent issue.

The issue is now resolved. I have used 2 array indexes after differential controller in action graph.

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