Imported URDF file is invisible

Hi !

I"m starting tutorial " 1. ROS2 Import and Drive TurtleBot3" now.
Following the explain to download files and execute Isaac SIM smoothly.

I don’t know why imported turtlebot3 is invisible in the scene.
created after import URDF process as USD file, it is available to see as burger in single stage.

I’ve already implemented ROS2 foxy environment and enjoy playing robots on the ROS2 platform.
But I cannot start control in the IsaacSIM yet.
Do you have any idea ?

Ubuntu 20.04 Omniverse / IsaacSIM2022.1.0 ROS2 foxy turtlebot3

I can find actual object, which is turtle burger , is too small by 1.0 scale.
After increasing scale x 40. Finally I can see well. But it still small ; )
According to 1. ROS2 Import and Drive TurtleBot3 in the tutorial, video guide doesn’t show such a adjustment action.

very curious…

This might be because of the change of units, Isaac Sim is in meters now. please check the units

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