Problems while booting Jetson AGX Orin


When i boot up the Orin after flashing, the system stucks in desktop without the icons nor the settings panel on top. When i try to open the terminal it opens as root. When i check dmesg i noticed these errors:

tegra_dc_assign_hw_data: no matching compatible node
tegradccommon module_init failed
tegradc module_init failed

What could be the issue?

(Jetpack version 5.1.1) installed from sdk manager


Is it a DevKit or a custom carrier board?
Does installing 5.1.2 make any difference?
Please put the full dmesg log and the full booting log from serial console here.


We have solved the issue, it was a custom carrier board and we were copying the nvidia jetpack folder before installing the bsp but problem solved when we installed on the original folder instead of the copied one. We tried jetpack 5.1.2 too before trying this but seems like that wasn’t the problem

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