[Question] about support for tensorAPI for softbody

Hi. I’ve been checked release note of IsaacSim 2022.2.1,

Since last year, I got noticed that supports for the softbody tensor API will be available next IsaacSim release with Kit105.[1][2]
But, new release note don’t contain any comments on that and still using Kit104.

I appreciate to NVIDIA developers that they showed rapid evolution of IsaacSim, but can you share clear blueprints again for the softbody tensor API supports?


Because Isaac Sim 2022.2.1 is based on Kit 104.2. The future releases of Isaac Sim will be based on Kit 105 and you should expect to see support for Tensor API for softbody.

Hope this information helps!

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thank you for reply,

I’m really looking forward to the next release.