ROS Kinetic connection between UE4 and Pegasus

I have a few questions on the Pegasus computer. Could someone please help me out?

  1. How does ROS connection work between UE4 and Pegasus?
    Assuming we have already established a ROS connection to UE4, and the sensor data from UE4 is being published on ROS. How can this data be further sent to Pegasus?

  2. Pegasus calibration/tuning:
    Pegasus has many parameters that we need to adjust based on the vehicle dynamics, sensor placement, and sensor fidelity. What are those parameters?
    How is this tuning process done (especially for simulation)?
    Does Nvidia provide assistance of any kind for this?

Hi Sammu,

  1. ROS can be compiled/cross compiled for the AGX. There are details in this thread:
    Is UE4 running on an external machine that will be communicating with the AGX via ethernet? Can you share your plans for configuration?

  2. I assume you are discussing calibration of Driveworks/Roadrunner? Within Driveworks there is a calibration tool which can be utilized to calibration the orientation and positioning of cameras and other sensors. The details are documented here:
    These tools are designed for intrinsic and extrinsic calibration of a physical vehicle/sensors and there is not something readily available for calibration for virtualized sensors that you might be trying to create.

Additionally, Driveworks makes use of a rig file to define the vehicle characteristics that might be useful for you to look into.

If you’d like to discuss your use case in more detail outside the forum feel free to file a bug or contact your NVIDIA representative.

Hi Luke,

Thanks a lot for the response! That helps a lot! Please check DM.