The Tutorial 'Running Your First Standalone Application' fails


The Isaac Sim Tutorial is very well-made beautiful document as I know.

I report a trivial error and problem here for it.

When I follow the tutorial ’ 2.4.1. Running Your First Standalone Application’, the following problem happens.

Error in Tutorial
The folder isaac_sim-2021.2.1 is not located in the path written on the tutorial below:

  • navigate to the package path and run the script

cd ~/.local/share/ov/pkg/isaac_sim-2021.2.1 ./ standalone_examples/api/omni.isaac.franka/

but it is located at /isaac-sim/. So the tutorial is needed to be corrected.

When the last line above is executed well, the red text error are displayed as below:

The console output is here:
tutorial error.txt (11.4 KB)

Is there some solution for this problem?


While I am searching similar posts with the error of my problem:

[Fatal] [carb.crashreporter-breakpad.plugin]!carbOnPluginStartup

following posts seems to be related to it:

Hello, I faced the same problem and then got the standalone application to work by first launching Omniverse, go to the Nucleus tab and launch the Local Nucleus Service (right click on the icon with the bell → update). After logging in, try running the python example again and it should boot up no problem. Hope this helps!

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@Ossama_Ahmed , can you please look into this?

I’m not Ossama, but would like to inform you missed some link in your answer.

2022년 6월 17일 (금) 오전 1:59, Rthaker via NVIDIA Developer Forums <>님이 작성:

@Jong-on-the-earth Did you try the instructions from @tengfoong.lam ?

@Jong-on-the-earth Please install the latest Isaac Sim 2022.1.0. Here’s is the guide: 2. Basic Isaac Sim Installation — Omniverse Robotics documentation