Access to NvROS


I understand that NvROS has been dropped from SW10 release, even though it was promised to be included. I really need ROS-nodes to read multiple gmsl-cameras efficiently on the DRIVE AGX Pegasus.

Before I start from scratch completely, is there any way or chance to get access to NvROS code/nodes in order to port them from ROS-kinetic to ROS-melodic myself or at least have a starting point on how to proceed with this?


We have the same problem. Are there any news regarding NvROS for Drive Software 10.0?

Hi cschro/philipp.heidenreichdo0x6,

Once we have a concrete NvROS plan, we will inform you here.

Before it, we would suggest you to start from implementing your own nodes by referring to samples of DriveWorks and Drive OS. If any nvidia specific issue, please create a topic and we will see how we can help. Thanks!