Can Replicator Composer work in windows?

I’m mainly asking this because it’s not loading when I boot up isaac sim. (The red warning sign shows up) Attached is the latest log just in case.

kit_20221014_185057.log (864.4 KB)

Yes, it should work in Windows. I looked through your logs and found that there were some modules that it had trouble finding. I’m not sure why that would be so I am asking the dev team for more assistance. Try running the Omniverse Cleanup-Tool and see if that helps!

Also, it looks like you are using a NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPU. I see that you are using the Tesla T4 GPU. I’m not sure if this is supported as it only has 40 RT Cores and Omniverse requires at least 48 RT Cores.

In the meantime, here are some documentation links that may help:

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