Debug tips when you hit any issue (fail to boot/ keep reboot ...etc)


I would like to share some tips for someone who has problem and wants to file a topic for their issues.
This thread will guide you what are necessary files/information you should prepare when you file a topic. Also, such rule is not limited to jetson nano. You could follow this for every jetson forum.

0. For jetson nano/nx sdcard module boot issue

This one is common so let me put it here.
If you didn’t try sdkmanager before, please put your sdcard to the board, put the board into recovery mode and find a native x64 ubuntu 18.04 host to install sdkmanager and flash it to your jetson.
Sdkmanager:NVIDIA SDK Manager | NVIDIA Developer
How to put device into recovery mode:
SDKmanager will reflash the QSPI-NOR over your jetson module. So if your board crashed in bootoloader stage, it will be recovered.
However, replacing SDcard image is not able to recover such error.

1. Please share the detailed info of your board

You should tell what kind of carrier board you are using.
If that carrier board is not a NVIDIA Development kits (devkit), we usually say it is a custom carrier board.
If a custom board is made by yourself, please try to attach the board schematics if possible. Or you may contact the vendor of this board for help.

2. Please share the software version and driver package running on your board.

Such software version is not just something like “ubuntu16.04/18.04”. What we want to know is the jetpack version.

3. Please share the full error log from dmesg, uart serial console and syslog.

Please avoid to just say some simple description like “my usb keyboard is broken” or “my board is not booting”…etc., and provide nothing.
This kind of issue has lots of reasons behind. Other people are not able to directly tell what is wrong by those description. We need your text log.

  1. If this issue is related to some peripheral, please open a terminal and enter command “dmesg” to dump log.
  2. If this issue is related to boot, please dump the uart serial console log, you can refer to this page to know how to dump. → Jetson/General debug -
  3. If this issue is related to non-kernel software problem, please also attach the syslog, which is located in /var/log/syslog/ on your device.
    If you don’t know what kind of log you should share, share these 3 altogether.

Also, please avoid sharing your log as a picture/image file here. We cannot search specific keyword from a image file. A full text log will be the best one.

4. Please search other existing topics first before you file your own topic.

Other people may already asked similar problem as your case. Search such topics before asking can save your own time waiting for reply.

5. Please try to reproduce your issue with Development kit (devkit) and tell your commands/steps to reproduce issue clearly.

The only tool NV can help debug on is the NV development kit, thus, if this is an issue that triggered by your software application, please try to run it on devkit and see if it can reproduce.
After you confirm the steps, please share the application, code, steps and whatever you have modified to us so that we can check it locally.

6. Please read document and other files first.

We put all the public sources and document in this download center. If you want to check the source code, please directly check this website.
Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer

7. Please preview your comment before you file the topic

Some users like to directly copy and paste their log or code to forum and they don’t really notice the format of their code is totally messed up or truncated by the forum system. Thus, please preview and review your comment. Or just attach it as a text file instead of copy & paste.


I have a problem with flashing the SD card using the balena etcher. I’m using a 256 GB SD card and when I flash it with the SD card image after validating, it gives me an error of “flash failed”? What possible solutions to this?

Thank you!